Get Involved

Everyone who love animals can help to protect fishing cats. By protecting these species you can save many other species and important habitats.

So spread the message! Save this magnificent species for our future generations! Save the Environment!

How can you help

As a individual you can take a step forward to help save this wild cat. What you can do is if you came across a fishing cat sighting, Road kill, injured or trapped fishing cat and you know the exact location please let us know.

You can directly contact us through or by sending message to our FaceBook page savefishingcats. We will do our best to save this species.

Raising Awareness


Help us evaluate the conflict and abundance of fishing cats by taking this quick survey.


If you are interested to learn more facts about small wild cats in Sri Lanka please let us know we can come to your place and conduct workshops and awarnes programs. You can directly contatcting us through or by sending messge to our facebook page savefishingcats


Support Save Fishing Cats Efforts

Fishing cats need your help. Through your help, we have the ability to protect these threatened small wild cats. Your contribution helps us to continue our research, community outreach and many other conservation programs.