Conservation And Fishing Cats

What We Do

Conservation Education

Lack of awareness causes multiple threats to all the wild cats’ species in the region. As a solution for this save fishing cats working on conservation education focusing on students and locals throughout the Sri Lanka.

  1. Awareness rising workshops
  2. Community outreach
  3. Awareness booklet program
Training And Volunteering

Training the young minds in wildlife conservation and research and promote the importance of wildlife

  1. Fishing cat youth camps
Road Sign Project

Road kills are the main threat fishing cats and most of other mammals face in Sri Lanka..As a practical solution for this problem placing specially design road signs and information boards in most crucial road kill areas is essential.

As the 1st step of the project road signs and information boards were placed at pre identified areas in Kandy District and others  will be spread throughout 14 new locations in the future.


Building rehabilitation and treatment enclosures for small cats and maintain with good care.